Friday, October 10, 2008

the hardest thing..

people born with their strength and weaknesses.. laging magkasama yun!! parang right and wrong.. positive and negative.. your strength are your assets and your weaknesses are your liabilities in life.. lahat tayo meron nyan!! but when it comes to love.. nasan sila??

my number one strength is yung pagiging understanding ko!! proven and tested na yan ng maraming nakakakilala saken.. wala kasing big deal saken!! lahat kaya kong intindihin... either positive or negative coz for me things are always happened for a reason... totoo naman diba?! but it always depends on how you handle those situations in your life.. i am a very light person coz i can handle things in a coolest way it should be.. ganun lang naman dapat diba?! para walang NERVE and PANICS!!

but i am not perfect!! i can easily understand but the most hardest thing for me is "LETTING GO" kaya kong intindihin lahat ng pwedeng maging reason for each and every situations i may encounter but whats hard for me is "how to let go of my love for someone"... coz love is like an investment.. hindi yun ganun kadaling i-let go once someone dumped you.. kahit pa paulit ulit kang masaktan.. andyan pa din yun!! coz only time can tell if your love for someone will start to fade...

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