Saturday, October 4, 2008

game over

sabi nila "enjoy life while young" and thats what i did... ginawa ko lahat ng gusto ko! i hang out.. play with different jerks.. and i had fun!! but in every game i joined i always had my limits.. i dont want any Attachments para No Pain.. convinient, isnt it?! kaya lang, nakakapagod din pala.. and i found myself yearning for some changes.. yearning for something genuine.. coz i realized that im just wasting my time for such things that does not making any sense at all.. thats why i decided to leave.. iniwan ko yung lugar na inikutan ng ibat-ibang laro ng buhay ko! umalis ako to make things right and to find my peace of mind...

the show is now ended.. my game is now over.. welcome to a new me!! welcome to my new journey!!

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